“The Best & Worst”

By Steve


Moorea, Tahiti




 A few of our more interesting stops


Lucky to survive Aussie breakdown


Magical South African Safari


Great Barrier Reef Picnic


Panama Jungle treat





We rated the following on our first impression, and sometimes we were only in those places for one day



Most Beautiful Beaches  = Moorea, Tahiti and The Algarve, Portugal

The cheapest way to talk to your family on the phone = Skype web phone (download and talk for free)

Cities with the most aggressive street panhandlers = Mumbai, India  and Tangiers, Morocco

Best Lunch = Vino Vino Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Best digital travel camera = Canon A400 (Great pics and only $100 bucks)

Nicest highways = Spain

Favorite Winter Hotel = Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta Canada

Most Fashionable = Maastricht, Netherlands and Cologne, Germany

Most Polluted City = Bangkok, Thailand

Most expensive country to travel = U.K.

Our favorite travel CD = Green day (International)

Best travel luggage for families = Eagle Creek

Busiest City = Hong Kong, China

Most interesting food = Salalah, Oman

Most expensive public transportation = Amsterdam, Netherlands

Favorite family Ski Resort = Sun Peaks, B.C. Canada

Favorite Park = Central Park, New York USA

Nicest National parks = South Africa

Our favorite fast food = Subway

Favorite Canadian Restaurant La Cochin Dinque  Quebec City, Canada

Favorite Tropical Hotel = Sheraton Lagoon Resort, Tahiti

Worst Hotel stay= Holiday Inn, Kingston Canada

Nicest looking women (As per Steve) = India, No question!

Favorite all-inclusive = Sandals, The Royal Antiguan, Antigua

Best Seafood = Ecuador, South America

Countries we could move to = Australia and Sweden

Safest coastal mountain hi-way = Sea to Sky Hi-way, Whistler Canada

Favorite Cruise line = Windjammer Barefoot Cruises

Best Family Hotel Chains = Fairmont, Holiday Inn and Peninsula



Washing clothes in Mumbai


Favorite Airline = West Jet (Canada)

Most over rated area= Costa del Sol, Spain

Worst taxi ride (most expensive) = London (Mini-Cabs)

Nicest People = American's, Swede's, Kiwi’s and Taiwanese

Most Magical Hotel = Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City

Worst Hotel Service = The Plaza, New York

Worst pigs feet trotter = Au Pied de Cochon, Paris

Best priced meal = Pizza Roma, Valencia, Spain

Cheapest fuel prices = 1# Dubai, 2# USA, 3# Canada

Prettiest Cities at night = Rome, Italy and Gent, Belgium

Best city for families = London

Best place to purchase electronics = Hong Kong,

Worst public transportation = Cape Town, South Africa

Best drivers = Sweden

Favorite City (As per Steve) = Auckland, New Zealand

Favorite Rail Co. = Rocky Mountaineer rail Tours, Vancouver B.C.

Favorite Mountain Village = Levonworth, Wash. US

Nicest Harbour = Oslo, Norway

Best Country to live and raise a family = Australia (Crime rate, Health, Schools, Lifestyle)

Best City (As per Helen) = London, U.K.

Nicest intercity parks = Madrid, Spain and Berlin, Germany

Best Zoo = Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia

Most Disappointing City = Cairo Egypt

#1 fast food chain in the World = Kentucky Fried Chicken

Nicest people in Europe = Sweden and Germany

Cleanest City = Osaka, Japan

#1 automobile maker in the world = Toyota

Best Pizza = O Canonico, Sorrento, Italy

Best looking Men (As per Helen) = Jordan and Belgium

Worlds most beautiful City = Paris

Worst Cruise line = Carnival

Nicest undeveloped Coastline = Morocco, Africa and Galapagos Islands

Best fine food selection = QE II, Cunard

The most modern City = Auckland, NZ

Best Transit System = London, U.K (No one else is even close)

 Best Internet Café = The Travel Lounge, Fremantle, Australia

Cheapest place to buy Brand name clothing = United States and Turkey

Countries with the most potential = India, China, South Africa





African (Kruger) Road block


Most surprising people = Philippines (very friendly and beautiful)

Best seafood restaurant = Sandbar restaurant, Granville island, Canada

Most dangerous cities = Johannesburg and Cairo

Cheapest Taxi’s = Hong Kong (20 min ride = $4:50us)

Best Hotel service = Peninsula Bangkok, Thailand

Most unique Architecture = Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Most beautiful mountain range = Austrian Alps and Andes, Ecuador

Most surprising countries = Jordan and South Africa

Funkiest Hotel = Nordic light Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

Favorite Bavarian city = Gent, Belgium

Worst driving = Bangkok, Rome, Mumbai and Paris

City with the most potential = Lisbon, Portugal (So beautiful, but so dirty)

 Most reasonable Hotel in Europe = Holiday Inn, Nurmberg, Germany

Most Dangerous driving = Scottish Highlands (Between Inverness and Dumbarton)

Most private security in a city = Cape Town, South Africa

Most passionate people = Sicilians, Italy

Most polite people = Japan

The most relaxing Airports = Vancouver International, Canada & Auckland International

Countries we would like to return to = Sweden, Jordan, South Africa, Japan, Andorra, Scotland

Countries or Cities we won’t return to = Spain, Egypt (Cairo), Norway (Oslo)

Place we would move to for a year = Japan (great education for the kids)



Australian Dead End  (Olgas)