A Plane to Halifax and then a drive to Niagara 


 This little journey would take us through Nova Scotia, most of P.E.I., through New Brunswick to Quebec City, Montreal, Kingston, Niagara, and many parts of metro Toronto.


Helen, Nikolas and the Little Princess at Peggy's Cove

Village in the background, and if you look real hard, you'll see little fishing boats bobbing up and down.

"It was a spooky and foggy evening"

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One of Prince Edward Islands spectacular beaches

"A little piece of Heaven" 


When our kids awaken from a nightmare, we always tell them to think of something nice and go back to sleep.

 Now we just tell them to think of Prince Edward Island


If you love peace and quiet,  friendly people,  the most beautiful beaches, Lobster, Lobster and more Lobster, then you might like this magical wonderland.


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Quebec City,  has some of the oldest architecture Canada has to offer.

Don't let the sleepy kid on the left fool you, Its just like old Europe at its very best. 

In July and August this street will be packed, but don't let that stop you.

Quebec is very fun and your family will love it! 


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NIAGARA, This place is Las Vegas for kids

I remember seeing a picture of Niagara Falls in a book when I was a kid, and I was so excited for my children to see it.

I said "you know kids this is one of the most spectacular sites you'll can see in North American". Before I could even finish, my son blurted out "hey look everyone, an arcade". Oh well, at least they enjoyed the Rainforest cafe.




Watching the Jays from our Hotel room at the Skydome Renaissance

We had never been to Toronto before, and all we can really say is "Loved it"

Our kids seem to be very interested in this game, but I can assure you they watched this game for all of ten minutes. It is much more fun to do the "hotel bounce" when your a kid, no matter what may be outside the window. In case you don't have kids, the hotel bounce is pre programmed  in every child. As soon as children enters a hotel room they automatically start jumping from bed to bed, and will continue until their parents freak out and tell them to stop.