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Euro Disney  - received June 14



Euro Disney  - received June 11



Paris  - received June 11




Paris  - received June 10


 Normandy - received June 7

American Cemetery Omaha Beach, where 10,000 men are buried.


Normandy - received June 7

This house is one of the only homes on the beach that stood after the Normandy invasion. It was liberated by the Canadians and check out the shot of the line of German Pows that are being marched in front of the house and watched closely by Canadian soldiers.



Normandy - received June 6

Canadian WW II Cemetery Cintheaux, it is bigger than Beny-Sur-Mer-Reviers, this one has 3000 men.



  Normandy - received June 5


 Juno beach (Where the Canadians landed) cemetery where 2048 of those men are buried at Beny-Sur-Mer-Reviers.