Aussie Update


 (Written by Steve) -  received Oct 31

We are still here in Sorrento, but heading over to Tasmania tomorrow. We really don't have much to tell you about as we just hung out with our friends Mel and Ann and waited for Nikolas to recover. I am not sure if we told you, but his fever and cough has turned into pneumonia, poor little guy. He is quite sick and we hope that if we just stayed put for one week he would snap out of it, but he has not. He has some fluid in his right lung and a really deep cough. We were going to go to Tasmani, Fiji and then tour Hawaii. I have just spoken to Quantus and asked to head home sooner than later.
Right now we are going to hit Tasmania and than stop in Hawaii and then head straight home. We will only do this if Nik gets better, the other option is too head home right now, time will tell.
We will let you all know soon, but we are not going to Fiji or doing the Hawaii island thing now. We will just add them to our next trip, yes we are planning are next journey before we get home.
I hope all is well with all of you, and looks like we will back in the Great White North in mid November.
See you all soon,
Go Canucks Go!